Bloomberg Announce Latest Managerial Changes 2013

It is forecasted that the Bloomberg News would bring some changes in its management in the near future. In this regard, the number of news editors reporting to the News chief editor Mr. Matt Winkler is going to fall. Mr. Matt Winkler would have new managerial obligations as well.

The Executive Editor Laurie Hays, who is currently working on the news related to the financial overview of different companies and corporations, would be dealing with the news related to the Economics and Washington. It is also noticeable that the executive editor of Bloomberg, Mr. Daniel Hertzberg working for Finance related news, is retiring in the near future.

Bloomberg Management


The managing editor of the finance group, Otis Bilodeau, will be the new executive editor for finance group of Bloomberg. Some other managerial changes are also expected and news about which have not been disclosed yet. News about Yahoo reported that Yahoo group has joined the Japan Softbank Corporation last day and it claimed that Yahoo will be backing up the Alibaba Group as well.

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