Best project management software’s according to users 2017

Being more predictable means, you are able to make analysis of the future of the project and it success is dependent on management process as well. a market with so many software’s available for project management, makes it extremely difficult to select the one and therefore users reviews have been taken and some software’s are outlined according to their preference.

If your project is about delivering services or improving quality of services provided by you, a tool is required. G2 crowd is working on collecting reviews and deciding which software is best according to users.

Check some best software develop in 2017

Top project management software’s

Some of top software’s in the list according to G2 are:

  • Innotas
  • Base camp
  • Smartsheet
  • Microsoft tools
  • Freed camp
  • JIRA
  • Mind manager

Microsoft tools

This is mostly the choice of users looking for simple and effective project management techniques and looking for user friendly way of management. It includes spreadsheets and docx prepared in excel word and power point tools.


This software is mostly the choice of users who are looking for improving team communication and goal is to achieve project accomplishment by making teams work together.

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