Bank Reconciliation Excel Format {XLX 2010}

Any type of problems regarding check deposits, issuance of amount, NSF checks and other outstanding transaction regarding company, who are involving in any issue during the whole process. Bank should direct respond to company about any problem, so that company can manage their internal and external issues regarding knowing circumstances.

Other typical issues like “Bank Service charges” and “Interest outcomes” and “no sufficient funding statement must type of this reconciliation statement.

Example of Reconciliation Format 2010

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Bank Reconciliation
31 December
Balance As Per Bank $8765345
Add: Deposit in Transit $4000
$ 875876
Less: Outstanding Check $320.00
  1. 675 Issued on NOV 9
  1. 987 issued on DEC 65
  1. 881 Issued on Jan 1
Adjusted Bank Balance $830.00
Interest Income from Bank $1,237.22
Note Receivable Collected by Bank 500.00
Interest Income from Note Receivable 50.00
Deposit Understated 90.00
Adjusted Book Balance $247894.00


NSF check of amount of something must be considered in it, if any. You can prepare own bank reconciliation statement through this example I discuss above, although printable Word and excel format or template is available for conducting sheet.


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