Air Waybill Template and Tracking Procedure

Considering the importance of client services, air waybill is the most important document in cargo services. Using Excel waybill templates, you can easily create this essential draft. These templates are especially designed and created to support the instant and accurate generation of document on standard requirements.

This waybill is the official document issued from carrier, containing the details of goods and items being cargoes. It is provided to the client attaining cargo services as an official document, containing all terms and conditions, freight and payment details.

In general life, you need to create some document for multiple times a day. At this stage, it is very difficult to maintain a standard draft procedure and creating it manually each time you need. Air waybill templates let you simply put in details in a ready structure and you don’t have to set format and layout every time. It saves your time, keep things precise and in order with standard parameters. You can find any suitable layout and set it fix as per your requirements.

Format of Air Way-bill Tracking Procedure

As far as the format of air waybill is concerned, there are different formats and layouts that you can follow. The main purpose is to put relevant information for customer support and carrying out tracking procedure using the information given on it. With this information, a customer or client attaining services, can track and report their shipments instantly in any part of the world.

There are some generic factors that should be included in any layout to make it up to standards. Take a look on the points given below, stating the general format of this draft;

  • Write the name of the company on the main title position
  • Write down the name of client, his registration ID and contact details
  • Write down the section of item listing and list down goods being booked for shipment
  • Add a section of freight and other applied charges
  • Write down applied terms and conditions regarding the handling and damage claims
  • Finally add a short note about your descriptive service contract
  • Also write the section of signature and stamp of verification and authentication

These are few primary factors that you need to keep in mind regarding the general format of this draft.

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